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Let's invest in the future of society!

What will my money be used for?

Teacher networking group shares most of the money you give, with minimum to no operating cost, to teachers and schools to support their students and help improve the quality of education provided to students.

Why this is a great investment?

Your money can change the life of many students. Education gives students a fighting chance in life, and a good quality education can make that student become who can make this world a better place for all of us.

How does my investment impact the community?

Not all communitiines have similar finanicial means to provide equal quality of education to their students, financial reason should not be a barries for receiving quality education. We provide financial support to teachers and schools who are educating students who need more support, and help improve the quality of education.

How students benifits from this investment?

Teacher networking group distributes funds to teachers in schools specially for the purpose of use in supporting students and or improvement in quality of education provided.

What if I do not invest?

It is surprising, but the truth is that majory of the people do not live in big cities or rich naigbourhoods. Most of the school funding comes from property tax (not federal tax). Vast majority of our schools are underfunded and the quality of education suffers due to financial reasons. Also, students who goes to those schools are often from minority or low-income families. They need more support to break the cycle of poverty. The need better quality of education to break through, without your support this is very difficult and not possible.

Will I get tax exemption letter?

Any donation over $200 within a year is eligible for receivign a tax exmption letter.


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