Eligibility Criteria:
Grant requests must meet all of the following requirements before consideration will be given:

  • Must be employed as a teacher in K-12 schools.

  • Employer schools must be registered in the United States.

  • Preference will be given to teachers in Title 1 schools*.

  • Must teach a classroom with more than 5 students.

  • Have not received a grant from the Teaching Networking Group in the last 6 months.

* Exceptions apply if reasons provided for a real need for the grants.


There is no deadline. You can submit your application as per your need.


Maximum Grant Amount:

  • Given to teachers to purchase classroom supplies for students →  $500

  • Given to teachers to create experiential learning projects for students → $750

  • Given to teachers to seek learning opportunities related to teaching → $750

  • Given to teachers for other special needs related to teaching → $1000


Application Process:

  • Teacher or School Admin submits an Online Application

  • Information is rated on a scale of 1-10

  • If the score is above 8, the application is approved

  • Proof of fund request is requested in any of the below ways:

    • Promissory note to use the fund as per application.

    • Submit purchase receipts for refund of expenses.

  • If approved, funds are provided via check using snail mail.


What is the average time to receive the grant?

After approval, funds are provided within 15 days on average, but your application can take up to 60 days depending on the complexity of your application, and other reasons.

How soon will I hear from you after the application?

You will get an automated message immediately stating we received your application and is under review. We will hear next when we made a decision on your application for approval, denial, or request for more information

When can I reapply for the application?

You are encouraged to reapply if you need additional funds. We want to support every teacher with limited funds, so preference is given to teachers who have not received a grant from us in the last 6 months. But if you have a compelling reason, we would try to provide you with as much assistance as possible. 

Can I contact the TNG if I have specific questions about whether my application meets your vision and guidelines?

You can submit your questions at suppot@foqas.comFoqas Inc. is our partner in managing Grant Distribution.

How can I receive funding?

After your grant is approved, you will receive a notice via email and the TNG will send you a check via snail mail.

How should I report the use of funds?

Before grant money is provided, we require proof that the funds will be used as per the application you submitted. This requirement can be met by any of the below methods:

  1. Provide a promissory note with a signature of your school administration that you are receiving these funds for use mentioned in your application.

  2. Provide purchase receipt and we will reimburse your expense by providing you this grant.

What can I purchase with grant funding?

Purchase classroom supplies for students, Create experiential learning projects for students, Seek learning opportunities related to teaching, or other special needs related to teaching.

Other Questions, please email us at

* Teacher Networking Group Inc is managed by FOQAS INC