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We believe that a good teacher can positively steer the life of a student for a successful future. We believe teachers can help build a stronger education system that teaches all students how to build a strong and ethical society. We are a non-profit organization founded to make this happen, and our approach is empower teachers to support students.

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Our Mission:

By empowering educators, build a stronger education system to support students.

We believe there should be equality in education, and we realize that often because of financial challenges it becomes difficult to maintain the quality of education provided to all students. Our goal is to help educators with financial support to help their students. We are unique because of our approach to improving the quality of education is through supporting teachers.




We realize that teachers are in the best position to know what their students need, also we realize the best way to improve the quality of education is by supporting teachers in their growth of professional development. So, we made available funds to support teachers.

If you are a teacher and need financial support, use the below button to apply for grants to purchase school supplies for your students or to cover your professional development 

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We realize that schools in the United States are heavily dependent on Property Tax and State funding. This creates a large gap in funds available to provide quality education. Schools in property-poor districts have much less funding. Similar case in terms of state funding also, for example New York spends $20k per student whereas Utah around $6K. So we made funds available for low-income schools to invest in their teachers and students. 

If you are a School supporting low-income students and have a need to financial support to your teachers' professional development or purchase of school supplies, use the below button to apply for grants.


We realize it is not always enough to provide financial support to teachers and schools to improve the quality of education. Sometimes more is needed, and so we partner with teachers to create lesson plans and teacher training workshops to share with other teachers and schools mostly providing education to low-income students.

If you are an experienced educator have a plan to create a high-quality lesson plan or teacher training workshop, use the below button to apply for grants to cover your expenses.

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"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today".

Malcolm X



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